Who I am

Filip Wike

I was born in 1990 and have always had an interest for cars and computers.

When I was in school I stuied to become a car mechanic, with the intent to later on become a vocational teacher for future mechanics just as my grandfather.
During school I realised that working on other peoples cars wasn’t as fun as I’d imagined, so I never got any work experience in the field, but rather started working in a store, selling auto parts.

After three years in the store I started further education, to become a Technical consultant in IT infrastructure which led to a job as an IT consultant.

Seven years later and I felt I needed a change, and as an opportunity arised during a call with a co-worker, I got an interview at a school for adults (in Sweden we call it vuxenutbildning).

So in late summer of 2021, I started working as a vocational teacher, not for future mechanics, bur for future IT technicians, and so far I love it!

I usually describe myself as a man with many bubbles, considering I have alot of different interests that constantly changes. In other words, I often have a hard time focusing on one thing during a long period of time and instead jump between multiple focusing points and always strive to improve everything.